Dom Salvador

Dom Salvador, from Man to Wine
Thus begins the story of a wine called Dom Salvador.

  • Dom Salvador Wines
  • 2022
  • Branding & Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Web Design

Dom Salvador, from Man to Wine

Alvarinho, given the essence of its origin. Salvador, for having been born from the passion and happiness of that Man. The “Gift”, on the other hand, that predicate that enhances the character and personality of the being, was affectionately attributed by his family.

A “Gift” that, being an art, not a title, turned Salvador into an example of both entrepreneurship and courage and ambition. Someone who carries an innovative spirit in his skin and soul. Who, in cultivated and pastured lands, became involved and sought protagonism in the world of wine.

Dom Salvador, which today is a reality, was once a dream. There are many pieces of history, which mark a life spent on the banks of the river Minho and the steep mountains of Melgaço. On a journey into the past, smuggling is a clandestine memory, from which the longing for risk and adventure is rescued.

But because wine is serving history in a glass, the legacy continues, with the most enchanting Alvarinho wine.

Client: Dom Salvador Wines
Year: 2022
Art Direction: MarkaBranka
Graphic Design: Fabio Alves and Rafael Pereira
Illustration: Rafael Pereira
Copywriting: Márcio da Rocha