MONÇÃO E O DRAGÃO – An Ancient Battle

Your opportunity has arrived to dress the skin of a knight and defeat the dragon, in this board game that is inspired by the most epic and ancestral legend of the Municipality of Monção: “A Coca de Monção”. With 60 questions and answers about the history of Monção, “Monção e o Dragão” is a family game that provides excellent moments of fun and wisdom.

Gather your whole family and test the knowledge and intelligence, question by question, in 5 categories – History and Legends, Heritage, Geography and Nature, Enogastronomy and Curiosities – with 4 levels of difficulty – Helmet, Shield, Spear and Sword.

All players start under the same conditions, but only one will be able to defeat the dragon.

Who will win the battle?

A board game for the whole family with a didactic-pedagogical and playful-promotional component.

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Município de Monção
  • 2020
  • Board Game
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design