Monção Lamb Weekend 2018

When several characters, some historical and some fictional, come together to promote a territory and its gastronomic wonder, the result can be truly surprising!

From a theatrical text, which portrays in an animated way the adventures of four chefs, in the dispute for the attention and consequent admiration of their lamb recipe, we will create the necessary pretext and atmosphere, to take the spectators on a guided tour of village and its most interesting places. Each stage of this route will have a guide character, who, in a descriptive or dramatized way, will animate the route to be followed and the description of each place visited.

  • Municipality of Monção
  • 2018
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design

Client: Municipality of Monção
Year: 2018
Art Direction: MarkaBranka
Graphic Design: Fabio Alves
Illustration: Rafael Pereira