Contest “Coca de Monção”

A challenge to creative freedom, boldness and artistic innovation, having as a precursor the mythological figure of “Coca de Monção”. A search for new forms of interpretation, imagination and differentiating perspective of the figure of the legendary Dragon of Monção.

This event, sponsored by the plastic artist Bordalo II, intends to encourage the participation of all with the objective of reinforcing, even more, the iconicity of Coca de Monção, the mythical dragon from Monça.

  • Municipality of Monção
  • 2022
  • Identity and Advertising Campaign
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

Client: Municipality of Monção
Year: 2022
Art Direction: MarkaBranka
Graphic Design: Fabio Alves and Rafael Pereira
Illustration: Rafael Pereira
Márcio da Rocha